Obviously I’m not limited to the list of ceremonies below, and can, by working with you, craft a meaningful ceremony to fit whatever occasion you would like to celebrate.

  • Baby Namings are a contemporary way of welcoming a new arrival into your family. Generally these ceremonies are informal with family & friends gathered to recognise the very special place this much loved new life now holds. It can also be a time to acknowledge the role of key family members & friends who will be important in the life of this new child.
  • Anniversaries / Vow Renewals are an opportunity to acknowledge & reaffirm the love and continuing commitment you have for each other.
  • House Blessings are a delightful way for a family to move into their new home and celebrate fresh beginnings.
  • Interment or scattering of ashes can be very meaningful as your loved one’s ashes find their final resting place.
  • Unveiling a permanent headstone or plaque is traditionally done one year after a funeral and can be an uplifting and special way to honour and remember a loved one.